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Portraits are mostly completed to order. Have a look through my 'Art Sold' to view past examples.

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London, E2 8NP

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Can I commission a portrait?

You can indeed. However, you should be aware of my style. So, please do take a look at the paintings above, in order to understand my approach. The bigger the better too, otherwise they get fiddly and the last thing I want to be doing, is using lots of small brush strokes. Don't get me wrong, small brush strokes are necessary and very much add to the richness of the painting. However, there are many other painters out there painting a picture like a photograph. I've done this in the past and as a Painter, I just can't see where the enjoyment comes from. Nonetheless, each to their own. If you do want me to paint a portrait, please tell me the size that you would like it. Probably best to measure up a space that you think it might hang. I will also need a high resolution photograph. For further information on commissions, please go to the 'Commissions' page.